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After changed the domain and the server, a new update for Thunderled is coming. The news are the German localization and the new package structure (jar).
You can download the new version from the projects section or from the Mozilla Extension site, waiting for the review.
UPDATE: The version is localized in Hungarian too.

30.04.2007. 11:44

Florian on 24.08.2007. 08:56

Thank you very much for this extension! Finally someone did it!
Your stable release is working very well.
But I was interessted in the new behavior with "new mail" instead of "unread mail" and the flashing of the LED, so I tried your BETA-release. So far it's working, but when the LED is flashing, CPU-Usage of the thunderbird.exe increases unacceptable high up to 90%.
I'm using
- Thunderbird (german de)
- Thunderled
- Win XP SP2

best regards

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