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My first step on the web

Double language

I inserted into the web site the choice of changing the language, choosing between Italian and English.
This is possible changing the database and sNews. If you are interested, you can download the file with the istructions: language.zip.
I'll insert also a guide after the testing period.
UPDATE: philmoz suggestions are included into the file.

Comments (1) 12.03.2007. 11:48

Statistics page added

Now the website has a web counter that gives a detailed view of the visitors of the site.
I used BBClone, a very easy to use web counter written in PHP. In order to see statistics, click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Comments (0) 09.03.2007. 15:33

Thunderled 0.2.1

I added the new release of Thunderled into the Projects section.
I'm waiting for Mozilla to make the Developer Center available again, so I can upload onto the official website.

Comments (1) 08.03.2007. 16:28

The beginning! (WIP)

Finally, I decided. I started to create my first web site. The project is still experimental; in fact it is on a server (laptop) with a dynamic DNS.
Everything is still in a Work In Progress phase, so in the next days the web site will develop step by step in layout and contents. I chose a minimal and static layout, but later I think I will move everything on a CMS.
UPDATE: I'm using sNews now.

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