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SML 0.9 for sNews

Symmetric Multi-Language MOD 0.9 for sNews 1.6.0, I changed again the name of my mod.
Why symmetric? Because it makes articles and categories "symmetric" among the different languages.
Any articles are publishable in one or more languages, in this case the articles share comments, the publication date, the category, and SEF link.
From the previous release (0.8), I fixed the admin side and I made the article publication independent for each language.
It is possible to switch among languages easily, just changing the path:
You can see how it works here, in my web site. The last release is based on sNews 1.6.0, it is an individual package, and it can be installed from scratch or on an existing installation of sNews. In the case of an existing installation, all others mods have to be installed again.
Please download it here: sNews16SML.rar.

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sNews 1.6.0

The new version of sNews is out!
What does it mean?
I updated my website to the new release and I also updated my Multi Language Mod.
The Mod allows the admin to write articles and pages in two or more languages. At the same time, users can switch languages easily and the new release makes easier for search engine bots to crawl the web site.
The Mod is at version 0.8, before the final release it needs more work on the admin side. You can download the guide for the Mod: sNews16SML.rar (new version).

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